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Webinars: Ultra fast RT PCR

Covid 19 RT PCR analysis in 27 minutes with NextGenPCR

COVID 19 screening binnen een half uur met de RT PCR methode, by FHI

Implementing fast, accessible viral surveillance with nanopore sequencing


  • Dr. Matthijs Welkers (Medical Microbiologist at Amsterdam UMC)
  • Dr. Ingra Morales Claro (Medicine faculty at Sao Paulo University)

Key Learnings:

  • An easily applicable workflow for Accelerating genomic surveillance, worldwide.
  • Do more in less time, at a lower cost.
  • Generate better data, make informed decisions and thus accelerate the response to stop outbreaks
  • Also useful for low resources settings (80% less energy consumption than standard PCRs)
  • Application and scientific support from MBS’s lab team
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