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Webinar: iCIEF-MS in Pharmaceutical Development

A follow-up meeting from Dan Bach Kristensen (Symphogen) on the CEInfinite iCIEF-MS in Pharmaceutical Development

"In short, iCIEF-MS using the CEInfinite is a very powerful characterisation tool in biopharmaceutical development.”

Wednesday 1st December 4:00 – 5:00PM CET

 “iCIEF plays a critical role for monitoring charge variants during biopharmaceutical development. The CEInfinite allows us to get a mass readout for the product variants detected by iCIEF, and this is a great help for understanding the chemical nature of the charge variants."

"When combining the CEInfinite with high resolution accurate mass MS provided by Orbitrap MS systems, detailed insight into product variants and product stability can be achieved."

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