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Webinar: Getting started in single cell research with the RNAdia data analysis service

17th of February, 15.00-16.00 CET


Getting started in single cell research can be daunting. There are a high upfront costs even before running your first samples, alongside the additional difficulties of generating single cell data and the overwhelming vastness of data to analyze. Single cell data are classified as “big data”, which means you need strong computers, and at times, computer servers, to fully analyze data from start to finish.


We understand the struggles of biologists who are getting started in single cell research and we are here to help. Our bioinformatics service, in combination with our RNAdia kit for single cell and single nuclei research, is a great way to get the cellular insight you need without having to learn how to code.


In this webinar, you will learn how we do single cell data analysis at Dolomite Bio, why using our bioinformatics service can help you get started and how our bioinformatics service fits in with other products and services at Dolomite Bio.

We are covering:

• Getting started with single cell sequencing

• Research questions addressed with single cell experiments

• Single cell bioinformatics 101

• Introduction to our Bioinformatics Service

• Terms & conditions of the Bioinformatics Service

• How to cherry-pick the service and support needed to work within your budget and research needs


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