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Establishing dynamic spheroid cultures as mini-tumor models for treatment evaluation - 5th of April, 4 PM

The process to establish three-dimensional spheroid models in rotating bioreactors and benchmarking their suitability to study cancer treatments will be discussed. These mini-tumor models aim to bridge the gap between in vitro studies and the human in vivo system, by mimicking cancer cell behaviour in vivo better.

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How TDP-43 condensation modulates its RNA processing and how this is relevant for amyotrophic lateral sclerosis - 7th of April, 6 PM

Mutations in TDP-43 that cause ALS affect its condensation properties. To address the question of TDP-43’s RNA specificity, Martina Hallegger and colleagues created different TDP-43 variants in several cell systems. Join us for the free live webinar, that will cover the Impaired RNA processing in neurodegenerative disease, RBP condensation. RNAseq, iCLIP, and their analysis.

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Microlab Prep

Microlab® Prep™ - Automated Pipetting Made Easy - 7th of April 8 PM

Join Hamilton Robotics for a live, interactive webinar and learn how to take your first step into lab automation. Replace manual pipetting with the Microlab® Prep™ to create better efficiency and accuracy in results.

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What you need to know about single cell sequencing data analysis - 13th of April, 2 PM

Single cell sequencing gives unrepresented insight into functions of individual cells in health and disease, but this method produces vast amounts of data, as it measures whole-genome expression of thousands of single cells within a single sample.

Do you have any burning questions on the tools available and what one is right for your research?

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Hybridisation capture for variant detection in DNA and RNA - 21th of April, 10 AM

Hybridisation capture enables the detection of all variant types: SNV’s, InDel, CNV, rearrangements. Celemics provide custom design and pre-set hybridisation capture tools for DNA and RNA analysis. Learn all the ins and outs with this interactive webinar.


  • Celemics custom design build and capture
  • Uniformity of capture
  • Dealing with Homologous and GC rich regions
  • FFPE and poor quality DNA
  • ctDNA
  • Questions and answers

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