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The Key to Success: Pipetting


Your Personal Pipettor

Fast, Accurate and Reproducable. These are the characteristics of an automated liquid handler. No more pipetting mistakes.

  • CO-RE technology – correct placement and locked pipette tips
  • Liquid level detection
  • Build-in camera – detects and identifies labware
  • Small liquid handler – fits in any lab

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NEW: Classroom and on-site Pipetting Trainings

We provide different pipetting trainings. The trainings are depending on the number of persons of your company that are interested.

We will practice the accuracy and precision of your pipetting. We will show the effect of bad pipetting. How to check the performance and specifications of the pipettes. And we will also focus on the ergonomic way of pipetting.

Classroom training - 29th of March in De Meern

If only one or two people are interested, we have a classroom training at our lab in De Meern, Utrecht, where the training will be held for several companies at once. The cost are 499,- (excl. VAT) per person for half a day incl. lunch.

On-site training - At your own company 

For larger groups we come to your company and provide the training. One training takes half a day and is suitable for min. 5 and max. 10 persons.  Multiple sessions are possible with a maximum of 2 sessions per day.

Make your lab sustainable

Go Sustainable with our pipette tips from TipOne. Use 63% less plastic plastic with the refill systems. Reduce, Reuse, Refill and Recycle! We make sure to recycle the lab plastics to 100% pure PP.

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