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Welcome summer, Hello PCR Deals!

Dear reader, 

Do you work with PCR in your research? We would like to present you our new three PCR thermal cycler systems with fast Gradient Optimisation and their available summer promotions.

This mailing presents our three PCR Thermal Cyclers:

Curious to see how they work in your lab?

Schedule a free demo visit with us. Contact us today to learn more about it.

All offers are applicable until September 21st, 2024 – Bring the sunshine into your lab.

Independent and with gradient PCR


5% OFF in the system + 5 packs of 120 strips for FREE!

Enhancing PCR Efficiency with the most flexibility 

Any needs, any experiment: The system includes a flexible ramp rate control.

  • Enhanced efficiency and accuracy.
  • Save time: 20% faster.
  • Any experiment, including NGS pre-treatment: Flexible lid temperature between 35-120 °C

Read here to learn more about it.

Affordable PCR Optimisation

An affordable PCR system ideal for routine PCR.

PCR lite with gradient, affordable solution for PCR optimisation

  • Gradient for fast PCR optimisation.
  • Ramp rate down to 0.1°C/sec.
  • Keep the system clean easily: Simple disinfection and cleaning.

If you purchase it now, you will get:

5 packs of 120 strips for FREE!

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