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NEW! Discover our solutions in Single Cell Research for RNA Seq


Complete, accessible and cost-effective solution

Get your single cells ready for library preparation. Process fresh samples for 3’ Single Cell RNA Sequencing (scRNA-seq) with our hydrogel-based benchtop kit!

  • Gain control of your experiments: no microfluidics involved.
  • Save costs: no equipment needed.
  • Data analysis with our FREE software for kit users.
  • Proved to be succesfull in challenging cell samples: Human cardiomyocytes, neuron brain organoids, murine lung cells, and more.

We want to help you on your Single Cell Research!

Detected cell clusters with our kit.



Our kit is succesfull  in single cell studies in fields like:


The LUTHOR kit provides an easy one-step solution for Single Cell 3’ mRNA Sequencing  library preparation.

  • Low input samples: 10-100 pg RNA read up to 13000-16000 genes.
  • Single cell samples: 1M reads per sample detect 6000-12.500 genes.
  • Enables expression profiling studies
  • Sensitivity >99.9%

For more information contact our NGS specialist.

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