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Our instruments, your solution!

One Click Gel Doc Systems on Sale!

New gel documentation systems, made in Germany. 

One Click imaging with: 
•    Touch screen
•    High image quality with motorized high speed auto-focus
•    Continuously variable zoom
•    Now even faster with Auto-Measure

Flexible, modular systems with optional accessories and upgrades. 

Click here to request a demonstration.

Summer Sale 2020 Imaging Systems

Genesys and Biomate UV-VIS spectrophotometers

Genesys spectrophotometers:
Routine standard economical UV-Vis/Vis measurements

  • Rugged and compact for QC/QA testing, research labs and education
    Flexible options like multiple-cell changer and remote sampling
    Ease of use by user-friendly touch screen

BioMate 160 UV-VIS Spectrophotometer:
The Life Science Photometer

Like the Genesys line but with pre-programmed assay methods:

  • Nucleic Acid A260
    Protein A280 and A205
    Protein Colorimetric assays
    OD600 & cell culture measurements

The NEW PCR Cabinet: GuardOne



  • Automatic UV lamp cut-off when front sash is opened
  • Real-time airflow measurements
  • One touch QuickStart / QuickStop – starts with your own setting for airflow speed
  • Tool-free HEPA filter – exchange in just 2 minutes
  • Quality control
Starlab pcr cabinet guardone

NanoDrop One on Sale!

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