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We are the RNA experts

Cost-efficient sequencing for gene expression

Our expression profiling kit (QuantSeq 3'mRNA  Seq) sequences less reads than standard mRNA and whole-transcriptome approaches, which enables: 

  • Gene expression sequencing the 3' end of RNA transcripts
  • One read = One transcript
  • Low input needed: proof to be sucessful in FFPE samples, blood, plasma, urine or serum. 
  • Save up to 10x cost per sample!
  • Save time: 4.5h workflow (<2h hands-on time) to generate sequencing-ready NGS libraries. 
  • Applicable for all RNA qualities, including degraded RNA.
  • Compatible with automated liquid handlers. 

For more information about the QuantSeq you can have a look at the brochure. 

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Get to know more about our kits and services for RNA-Seq

Our kits cover a broad range of RNA-Seq applications: Isoform identification, SNP detection, Alternative Splicing studies, Bacterial transcriptome research, and many more!

  • Cost -efficient library preparation kits and services
  • Total RNA, small RNA, rRNA depletion, and for low input and difficult samples. 

For more information you can visit our website or contact us!

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