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NanoDrop Support, installation and maintenance

Discover our full range of NanoDrop Solutions

Rapid and accurate microvolume analysis of DNA, RNA, and protein samples:

  • Easy to use:  pipette, measure, and get your result. 
  • Sample saving: only 1-2 µL sample needed.
  • Acclaro software identifies and quantifies contaminants.

With full-spectrum analysis, Acclaro Sample Intelligence software uses advanced chemo-metric algorithms to identify and correct for contaminants and differentiate DNA from RNA.

  1. NanoDrop One: wide spectrum wavelenght (190-850 nm). 
  2. NanoDrop Eight: Save time measuring up to 8 samples at once. 
  3. NanoDrop Lite: Affordable and compact solution: firs on any lab bench. 

NanoDrop family

Do you have an old NanoDrop 1000 or NanoDrop 2000? Trade it in and get a discount!

We support you with installation and maintenance 

We are happy to advise you when choosing your best match! We are committed to providing the best quality services to meet our user's needs. 

  • Tailor-made support: optimal performance and reliability.
  • Performance Verification and Reconditioning solutions.


Choose the services based on needs and budget, contact us!

calibration of the column for nanodrop accurate measurementsservices and support with isogen

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