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Microplate Reader Experiments Optimisation

Isogen Life Science offers microplate readers with up to seven detection modes for:

  • Accurate, reproducible, and sensitive data.
  • A broad range of applications like drug discovery research, pharma, and drug development.

We offer support free of charge and help on your assays optimisation, with tips and tricks as the one stated below about plates colour choice.

Plate colour choice, key step

Make sure your microplate reader guarantee the most accurate results.

The colour of the plate differs for Absorbance, Fluorescence and/or Luminescence detection modes assays. For instance, we recommend the use of black plates for fluorescence assays:

  • Black plates achieve 4 times higher signal-to-blank ratio.
  • The signal-to-blank ratio is very low for all the other plate colours like white, clear and black clear bottom plates.

microplate readers optimisation depend on the plate colour

Measurement of fluorophore standard curve in white, clear, black with clear bottom and opaque black plate.

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