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"LUNA cell counters increases accuracy and data quality"

Our fluorescence and brightfield automated cell counter enables you to:

  • Save time and costs: Results in seconds!
  • Count all cell types: cell lines, PBMC's, yeast, and bacteria.
  • Be precise and accurate in your results: Cell cluster detection.
  • Reduce material waste with our reusable slides.
  • Suitable for multiple applications (viability, confluence, transfection and more).

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“In our day-to-day workflow, LUNA FL has greatly increased cell counting accuracy, data quality and the number of samples we process every day"

Clinical Sample Processing Team, IDIBAPS, AIDS and HIV infection Research Group, PCB,Barcelona.


"LUNA has vastly improved the accuracy of cell counting. It is very straightforward and fast to use. We greatly value its versatility: cell counting, viability, GFP transfection efficiency very quickly!”

Cellular senescence research team, IDIBAPS, AIDS and HIV infection Research Group, PCB, Barcelona. 

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