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Lab Automation: Consistent, accurate and fast

Make research more efficient: Switch now to automation

We present the newest innovation in automation: The Hamilton Microlab Prep. Ease your research and switch from manual to automatic liquid handling.

Save time and increase accuracy and consistency with this automatic pipetting robot. We are the exclusive dealer of the Hamilton ML-Prep in the Benelux.

MicroLab Prep: Automated Liquid Handling

  • Accurate, reproducible and fast pipetting
  • Detects and identifies labware
  • Easy to use - touchscreen and simple software
Microlab Prep
CO-RE pipette

CO-RE technology

The connections to the pipette tips is secured with the CO-RE (compressed ring-O expansion) technology.

  • Lock-and-key style mechanism
  • Minimises the mechanical stress
  • No contamination
  • Capacitive liquid level detection

Adjustable to your research

  • 3 different configurations - 2, 8 or 2+8 channel
  • Ideal for well plates and tubes
  • Heater - up to 105 0C
  • Shaker - up to 2500 rpm
  • CO-RE paddles - for automatic transport to the correct position
  • USB-based Barcode scanner
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