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FREE Webinar: Hybridisation capture for variant detection in DNA and RNA - 21st of April


Hybridisation capture enables the detection of all variant types: SNV’s, InDel, CNV, rearrangements. Celemics provide custom design and pre-set hybridisation capture tools for DNA and RNA analysis. Celemics’ Target Enrichment Panel utilise our intrinsic probe design, rebalancing, and molecular barcode technologies to efficiently analyse not only hard-to-capture areas such as GC-rich and homologous regions but also tiny amounts of damaged DNA or RNA originated from circulating tumour cells or FFPE samples.


  • Celemics custom design build and capture
  • Uniformity of capture
  • Dealing with Homologous and GC rich regions
  • FFPE and poor quality DNA
  • ctDNA
  • Questions and answers

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