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High quality Plant Sample Solutions for downstream applications

Beyond conventional magnetic DNA purification

Move particles, not liquids! High quality DNA purification with our QuickPick solution. 

  • Reliable and reproducible results: Reduced contamination risk. 
  • Flexible solution: different sample materials and amounts. 
  • Save time: pre-dispensed reagents and short hands-on time. 
  • A better experience: Minimised shearing forces. 

Suitable for different applications:  plant pathogensRNA Seqpost-translational modificationsoncology and more! 


magnetic particles for Plant DNA extraction, reliable results.

Precise DNA, RNA and proteins quantification 

Fluorescence Solutions

Enhanced Sensitivity while saving time and sample volume: Results with just 1µl sample in <4 sec.

  • Easy-to-use and affordable system.
  • 3 selectable fluorescence channels (Blue, Red, and Green).
  • Export your data easily: USB or Wi-Fi access.

fluorescence system to measure quantifaction of DNA, RNA, abnnd proteins

We also offer our high sensitivity quantification assay kits

  • dsDNA, ssDNA, and RNA.
  • High sensitivity and linearity (down to 10 pg/µL).
  • Accurate data: High contaminant tolerance.
  • Universal compatibility with fluorometers

ezcube assay kits for quantification of dsDNA

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