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Get to know our Sanger Sequencing Solutions

Uniform bead suspension with PCR cleaning beads for Sanger

Clean purification of your template  from unincorporated dNTPs, primers and enzymes: 

  • Uniform bead suspension: no need of repetitive resuspensions. 
  • High DNA recovery. 
  • Suitable for DNA sequencing workflow. 

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Our magnetic beads show higher amount of DNA recovered compared to others in the market and spin column based. 

Cycle Sequencing reaction: Affordable and high performance kit

Our affordable high performance cycle sequencing kit, enables: 

  • Even peak heights and long read lenghts. 
  • Increased robustness for difficult samples (rich G and C samples). 
  • No need of changing protocol from your current kit. 

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Much better performance for sequencing a difficult template with secondary structures with our SupreDye kit compared to others available in the market.

Quantify your DNA in less than 3 sec, economically 

Get to know more about our micro-volume spectrophotometers and fluorometers: 

  • Affordable: compact, stand-alone and user-friendly.. 
  • Save time: fast DNA measurement in <3 sec. 
  • Reduce measuring errors: No sample splashing with LED light assistance. 
  • Get to know what users think about it. 

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We offer high sensitivity quantification assay kits for dsDNA, ssDNA and RNA.

  • Only 1 µL sample needed.
  • High sensitivity and linearity (down to 10 pg/µL). 
  • Accurate data: High contaminant tolerance.

  • Compatible with Qbit read out.
  • Coming soon: Accurate fluorometer solution. 

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