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Protein characterization event by FHI Life Science



Life Science event about Protein characterization

An online Life Science event about Protein characterization by FHI and Isogen Life Science.

We are proud that some of our prominent customers in the Benelux shared their research.

Andre Matagne of the ULiège will talk on 22nd of April at 10 am

Quality control of purified proteins to improve research data reproducibility: improving the time-efficiency and quality of your results (ENG)

Rob Haselberg of the VU Amsterdam will talk on 22nd of April at 11 am

Unleashing the power of capillary electrophoresis to characterize snake venoms

“It was very interesting to discuss my results at FHI. It exposes you to a different audience and forces you to present your work in an accessible way; I truly enjoyed it. Moreover, it was great to show some of the initial data obtained with the CEInfinite iCIEF system. We really see the potential of this device in the characterization, fractionation, and affinity profiling of complex samples.” Rob Haselberg - VU Amsterdam

Chiroptical spectroscopy

Chiroptical spectroscopy has become one of the most important techniques for the characterization of biomolecules (determination of absolute configuration and stereochemical analysis).

Jasco has the finest in CD instrumentation, the J-1000 series for Secondary Structure Analysis.

  • Versatile PLS and PCR Multivariate Analysis is applied to SSE
    • Enhanced estimation accuracy and robustness
    • Easy validation of calibration models
    • F tests for certification of results
  • Selectable reference sets and editable secondary structure fractions
  • Reference CD spectra from 260 to 176 nm of 26 proteins are provided as Standard

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A new generation Whole Column Imaging CIEF system (iCIEF)

iCIEF overcomes low analytical throughput and difficult method development associated with for instance IEX-LC or traditional CE.

  • Faster method development, higher detection sensitivity, better reliability and higher analytical throughput
  • Automated high-resolution fractionation
  • Coupling with mass spectrometry  
  • Method development services - we can perform your method development of any (i)CIEF assays
  • High resolution fractionation services - we can fractionate your samples  
  • A comprehensive portfolio of carrier ampholytes, pI markers, cartridges and solutions for any i(CIEF) assays

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