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Exclusive Sanger Sequencing Enhancer and Capillary Array Regeneration kit

Enhance your signal

The Enhancer can mitigate the negative effects of reduced Ready Mix amount used in cycle sequencing reaction. 

  • Reduces rate of signal drop, over the full reading length
  • More even peak distribution

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Regeneration Kit

Capillary Array Regeneration kit

After extensive usage of the capillary electrophoresis, there is a need for regeneration, which restores the performance of the capillary array. 

  • Better to regenerate than to replace
  • Long reading lengths and even peaks
  • Short protocol
  • No need for disassambling

Complete your Sanger Sequencing

Besides above mentioned exclusive products, we offer all you need for Sanger Sequencing from Template Preparation to Capillary Electrophoresis.

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