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End 2020 positively with our fast promos!

EVE™ PLUS: The World's Fastest Cell Counter

Our automated cell counter with state-of-the art optics. 
EVE™ PLUS is a benchtop size cell counter designed to measure live, dead and total cell counting and no maintenance is needed!
Key features:
•    Fast: count in less than 1 second!
•    Easy: load, (auto) focus, get results
•    Accurate: automated image analysis
Read more online or contact us directly. 

Demo instruments for sale now!

Our demo instruments are available for sale.

•    NanoDrop One for less than € 10.000,-
•    Intas GelDoc Imager for just € 8.442,-
•    NextGenPCR for only € 13.158,-

Check out this overview for all available demo instruments of 2020 and reach out to us.

All instruments are fully checked by our own service department and are offered with a 12 month warranty.

The NEW PCR Cabinet: GuardOne


•    Automatic UV lamp cut-off when front sash is opened
•    Real-time airflow measurements
•    One touch QuickStart / QuickStop – starts with your own setting for airflow speed
•    Tool-free HEPA filter – exchange in just 2 minutes
•    Quality control

Click here for more information or contact us.

    FABulous Accumax Pipettes

    The newest ergonomic innovative designed pipette is now on the market.
    Fatigue-free pipetting due to: 
    •    Magnet Assisted Piston
    •    Low plunging force is needed
    •    Silicone Shock Absorber to ease tip ejecting
    Other features are:
    •    Universal tip cone
    •    Precise volume- and lock setting
    •    Corrosion-free tip ejector
    •    Fully autoclavable 
    •    High quality against best price

    Read more in this brochure or contact us.
    Try a demo now and let us show you the lightest pipette with the best price in the market.

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