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Optimising your Cell Culture: Flasks, Gloves and Autmated systems

2-in-1: Same flask for Aerobic and Anaerobic Culture

Our polycarbonate Erlenmeyer flasks are autoclavable, reusable, and suitable for high temperatures applications (-40 to 130° C).

What's more? Suitable for aerobic and anaerobic cell culture: Their unique dual-function cap facilitates to unscrew the cap from closed (anaerobic) to vented cap (aerobic).

  • Ideal for bacteria, yeast and fungi research 
  • Suitable for plant and animal cells in suspension 


Have a look here for more information. 

Cost-efficient high-volume tubes daily tasks 

Do you process a lot of tubes per day? Are your fingers in pain from decapping and capping?

The solution to these challenges, our practical one-handed automation system.

  • Reduces cap dropping errors.
  • Enhancing efficiency.
  • No need to change tube adaptor: Changeable adaptor from 50 mL to 1 mL.
  • Well-suited for biosafety cabinets and bench-top operation.

It is ideal for high-volume daily tasks. Contact us to try it out with your own tubes.


The most comfortable and ergonomic designed gloves

Prevent glove breakage: The best quality guaranteed to make you feel safe, comfortable and protected.

Challenge us, do you want to try them out? Contact us.

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