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Fast, Accurate, Affordable Cell Counting Solutions

Our fluorescence and brightfield automated cell counter enables you to: Countstar cell counter

  • Save time and costs: Affordable cell counter with results in seconds!
  • Count all cell types: including mammalian, plant, algae, yeast and bacteria.  
  • Be precise in your results: AI-based intuitive image analysis. 
  • Reduce material waste with our 5-chamber slides. 

Our brightfield cell counter enables readings from any culture vessel: flasks, dishes, slides etc. 


We offer a broad range of cell counters for many applications, we'll meet your requirements!


For a broad range of Applications

Our cell counters are suitable for multiple applications (viability, confluence, transfection, and more). 

E.g. Are you working with organoids? Look for morphological changes and count them!

cell counter for organoids and morphologicla changes

Intestinal mice organoids in a 4-chamber slide in the Mira BF over 168 hours.

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