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Affordable total PCR Solutions

Discover how to be cost-efficient!

We offer solutions for your PCR step!

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NEW! PCR Thermal Cyclers

Are you in need of a PCR instrument for your DNA sample amplification? Find the instrument of your choice!

TurboCycler Lite 

  • Save time on your new experiments for PCR optimisation 
  • CRISPR Cas needs filled: Ramp rate precisely controlled down to 0.1 °C/sec.

PCR thermal cycler for protocol optimisation

The TurboCycler 2

  • Enhanced efficiency and accuracy 
  • Save time: 20% faster 
  • Any needs, any experiment: Flexible PCR protocols thanks to its ramp rate control 

PCR thermal cycler of efficiency and accuracy enhanced

High throughput TurboCycler 

  • Share it with your colleagues: 3 blocks, 3 protocols 
  • Maximise your throughput: Up to 3 x 48 x 00.1/0.2 mL samples 

PCR with three heating blocks

Thermal Cycler Mini Turbo 

  • Ideal for applications in the field, laboratories and classrooms. 
  • Compact, light and portable instrument 

portable PCR instrument

Quantify your DNA in less than 2 seconds 

Get your samples ready for the PCR amplification step! Quantify your DNA/RNA accurately with the EzDrop microvolume spectrophotometer.

  • Save time: Measurements in 1 second 
  • Save sample: only 1-2 µL of sample 
  • Intuitive operation and software 
  • Cuvette mode available

EzDrop microvolume spectrophotometer for DNA, and RNA quantification

Cost-efficient Master Mixes

"Better or at least as good, higher user-friendliness and at a clearly lower cost per reaction. We are very happy and would definetly recommmend them".

  • Save up to 50% of the costs: plus no dry ice needed 
  • High efficiency and specificity 
  • Check out compatibility with your instrument 

master mixes very affordable with different volumes and concentrations

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