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AES Webinar: Protein Charge Heterogeneity and icIEF-MS

Dear reader, 

We would like to invite you to our next AES webinar on the 5th of October!

Is your research work about identifying charge variants by icIEF? Take one more step to get insight into the underlying structural information in a single run. 

Join our 1h webinar at 16H (CEST) to be updated about the latest icIEF MS work and its potential to characterize protein charge heterogenity. 

Webinar title: A state-of-the-art technology for high-resolution characterization of protein charge heterogeneity. 

Speakers: Tao Bo, Advanced Electrophoresis Solutions (AES) and Tony Chen, AES


Key learnings of the webinar: 

  • Deep understanding of the underlying chemistry: MS, protein stability, high resolution and reproducibility 
  • High performance icIEF products 
  • Our customer support and services
  • Method Development 
  • icIEF fractionation services and icIEF-MS online
  • and more!
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