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3D Cell Culture Innovations

Stress-free cell culture of organoids and spheroids

The ClinoStat technology provides a gravity-free spinning environment for cell culture:

The Clinostar is a 3D cell culture that provides free spinning environment
  • Minimal shear forces (active gasses and nutrients diffusion)
  • Organised long-life cell cultures: cell interactions from core to side.
  • Different cell types: brain, hepatocytes, bronchi, gut...

Ideal for cancer research, drug screening, stem cell research, toxicology studies and many more applications.

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Discover the newest applications with the Clinostar

The use of ClinoReactors enables the generation of 3D cell models for studying fields such as epigenetics, liver diseases and many more.

3D cell culture and liver disease research

3D model of human hepatic carcinoma cells to study early steatosis in NAFLD.

3d cell culture for liver disease

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Author: Helle Sedighi Frandsen from the department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology at the Universiry of Southern Denmark.

3D cell culture and epigenetics

3D liver spheroids to model chromatin dynamics and the response of epigenetics inhibitors

3d cell culture and epigenetics

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Author: PhD Stephanie Stransky from the Albert Einstein College of Medicine in New York.

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