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International Congress of the European Society of Toxicology In Vitro

ESTIV 2022 

On November 21-25th will be held the 24th International Congress of the European Society of Toxicology in Vitro (ESTIV) in Sitges, Barcelona-Spain. 

The congress expectations include:

  • 500+ attendees
  • 30+ exhibitors
  • A program with special sessions: a continuous poster session, student sessions, European project sessions and lunch sessions. 


Attend the event to learn more about the ClinoStar!

Are you doing research with 3D cell culture and you want to improve cell growth? The Clinostat technology can work with all kinds of cell cultures: brain, liver (hepatocytes), lung (bronchi), gut and many more. 

The Clinostat Technology grows uniform spheroids and organoids in a standardised proces thanks to

  • The ClinoStar®: an advanced CO2
    incubator with six independent motors
  • Each motor holds a bioreactor (ClinoReactor).
  • Remote control: with a pre-installed software to control the temperature and CO2 level of each ClinoStar® independently.

Click here to read more about it

Contact us for more information or for a Demo 


The Clinostar is a 3D cell culture that provides free spinning environment
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