Transcriptome Analysis

  • Sequencing of full-length transcripts
  • Detection and accurate quantification of unique isoforms
  • UMI based transcriptome counting
  • 40x lower error rates compared to classical Illumina workflows

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RNA-seq kits based on short read technology require a choice between abundance counting or transcript assembly.

LoopSeq Transcriptome kits and services allow both transcript counting and phasing for mRNA, using short-reads on Illumina sequencers.

With significantly reduced error rates, compared to PacBio and ONT platforms, the Loop Genomics technology allows accurate determination of both transcript abundance AND unique isoforms.
By using Illumina sequencers, researchers can reduce costs and gain significant insights with a plug-and-play kit that uses low cost core consumables, compared to other long-read platforms.

The kit operates in 2 modes as shown on the right:

The first mode is similar to Illumina’s TruSeq products that are looking at transcript abundance or gene expression.
The difference is that LoopSeq is doing single-molecule counting and sequencing several short reads per long-read transcript. By single-molecule counting true abundance is calculated and PCR-bias is eliminated. Wit multiple targets per transcript, the identified transcripts can be reported with greater confidence.

Below is an example of how LoopSeq compares to the TruSeq workflow.
The LoopSeq results show a better linearity and match closer to the expected values.
In addition TruSeq results flatten out at the top of the graph, indicating a smaller dynamic range.

TruSeq RNA Prep kit v2 + ERCC

LoopSeq Transcriptome + ERCC

LoopSeq Transcriptome Kit

  • Kit usable in 2 modes: Isoform discovery or transcript abundance measurement
  • UMI based single molecule counting of transcript abundance
  • Multiplex workflow enabling pooling of up to 24 samples
  •  Ideal when profiling every single transcript in a sample


LoopSeq Long-Read PCR amplicon sequencing service

  • Service includes library prep, sequencing and data analysis
  • Choice between isoform discovery, transcript quantification or both
  • Results delivered as FASTA, FASTQ with reconstructed mRNA long reads
  • Additional downstream analysis summarized in CSV file


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Category numberDescriptionReaction size
LGCRNA8X3RXNLoopSeq™ Transcriptome 3x8 plex kit24rxn

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