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Upgrade your gel imaging system

Do you have a Proxima gel imager or another old gel imager? Trade it in for a new model and get €1000,- discount.

*valid till 30th of September 2022

Intuitive gel imaging systems

Your new gel imaging system will automatically create superior images:

  • Easy to use - Touch screen
  • Sharp images due to auto focus
  • Continuous variable zoom

Flexible, modular systems with optional accessories and upgrades

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Customer Review

Molecular Biology a bliss with the Intas Gel imager

“In a biosciences lab, there are so many happy moments that happen in front of a gel imager. Succeeding at a molecular cloning, amplifying a library, or troubleshooting a PCR. When I thought about which imager to get, I knew it would be such an important part of my new lab. And we could not be happier with the Intas Gel Imager. This is by far the most robust DNA imager that I’ve ever worked with. The build, the resolution and the camera sensitivity are all top of the line. The user interface and screen are super interactive and responsive. Everything is so intuitive and automated that it really makes doing molecular biology a bliss. There is no other equipment that even comes close within this price range.”  

A. Rodriguez-Fraticelli, group leader Aging and Metabolism Programme at IRB Barcelona


Safe High-sensitive gel dye

  • Safe alternative for ethidium bromide
  • Non-toxic - Non-mutagenic
  • Compatible with UV, blue and cyan transilluminators

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