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Trade-in Promotions

Plate Readers 

*Valid till the end of 2022

Do you have an older plate reader from any brand? Trade it in for the high qualuity plate readers of BMG for a great deal! Over 15% discount. 

Click here to view our plate reader offer.

Contact us for the best deal. 

Gel imaging systems 

*Valid till the end of 2022

Do you have a Proxima gel imager or another old gel imager? Trade it in for a new gel imager and get €1000,- discount.

"The build, the resolution and the camera sensitivity are all top of the line. There is no other equipment that even comes close within this price range." - A. Rodriguez-Fraticelli, IRB Barcelona.

  • Easy to use - Touch screen
  • Sharp images due to auto focus
  • Continuous variable zoom

Flexible, modular systems with optional accessories and upgrades

Click here to read more about it

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*Valid till the end of 2022

Are you looking to replace your current iCE3 instrument? Without method changes and warranting results. CEInfinite iCIEF is the system for you.

Now available Exclusive for You! Request your demo 

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*Valid till the end of 2022

Trade-in your old NanoDrop and get ≥10% discount on your new NanoDrop system.

Read more about the different NanoDrop Systems

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*Valid till the end of 2022

Trade-in any spectrophotometer for a new one. We offer simple UV-Vis spectrophotometers and all kinds of other advanced spectrometers, as CD, fluorescence, IR, Raman.

Get 10% discount on your new system

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