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Summer Offer: Up to 40% off Pipettes

Valid until 31.08.2021

Pipetting is the key to successful results. With the best quality pippetes and the correct handling your research is optimised.

ErgoOne manual pipettes

  • For great accuracy and precision. Single and Multi-channel manual pipettes. From 142,-

Starter packs

  • Four different sizes of pipettes for only 591,-

ErgoOne electronic pipettes

  • Single or multichannel. Reliable pipetting 5 modes: standard, reverse, mixing, dispensing, electrophoresis mode. From 497,-
ErgoOne multichannel Pipette

ErgoOne FAST pipette controller

  • Fatigue free pipetting for glass or plastic serological pipettes. 25 ml in less than 4 seconds. Now 257,-

Pipette stands

  • All 20 % off 

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More information about Pipetting Services and Calibration

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Pipette Stand
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