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Our special SPRING Offers for your Lab


Promo prices for small lab equipment

The World's Fastest Cell Counter, EVE™ PLUS

COVID-19 PCR Detection in one hour without    RNA Extraction!


Promo prices for small lab equipment

In need of a Mixer, a Centrifuge or a Workstation?

We offer you special prices on small lab equipment of Starlab    

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EVE™ PLUS: The World's Fastest Cell Counter

Our automated cell counter with state-of-the art optics.

EVE™ PLUS is a benchtop size cell counter designed to measure live, dead and total cell counting and no maintenance is needed!

Key features:
•    Fast: count in less than 1 second!
•    Easy: load, (auto) focus, get results
•    Accurate: automated image analysis

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COVID-19 PCR Detection in one hour without RNA Extraction!

Now possible with our direct PCR solution. Combine our liquid Amies transport medium with the new MBS NGPCR Sars-CoV-2 Detection chemistry for a fast and sensitive PCR detection assay. 

From sample to result in 45 minutes!

Our NGPCR Sars-CoV-2 PCR Detection reagents includes RT-PCR Chemistry-2X, designed to generate first strand cDNA followed by DNA amplification. All in a single reaction!

Total PCR running time in our NGPCR instrument is less than 27 minutes. 

Detection of the NGPCR plates with fast end-point fluorescence with our BMG plate reader

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