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Update your microplate reader

Our monochromator-based microplate reader VANTAstar:

Ideal for basic and life science research because of its flexibility and simplified workflows

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 Service for FREE*


*Service: preventive maintenance for free for a year after installation: valid until the 31st December 2022

PACK of Manual Single Pipettes

They provide the most comfortable, precise and accurate research experience on volume displacement.

Combine them with our pipette tips to get the most reliable resultsValid until the 31st December 2022 and applicable for all volumes manual single pipettes


PROMOTION on our manual pipettes**

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PCR Reagents: Get your samples ready 


Overcome the challenges of amplifying PCR products

  • Our ExoZap Clean Up kit helps you on 100% of recovery of your PCR products.
  • It removes excess of primers, ssDNA, and/or dNTPs without column or breads but enzymatic.
  • It decreases time (only 5 min. protocol) and errors significantly 

But it now and get a 5% OFF + FREE qPCR Master mix*

qPCR Master mixers:

  • Achieve high stability and efficiency. We have high fidelity master mixers even for cDNA and gDNA.
  • Get the same reliable and robust results time after time thanks to ISO 9001:2015 accomplishment.
  • For more accurate applications check the reference dye levels.

*Valid till 31st December 2022



Our automated cell counter EVE PLUS 

With its compact design, you can get results in <1s for many cell types



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10% OFF

Our slides are compatible with the Countess from ThermoFisher.

*Valid till 31st December 2022


The automated fluorescence cell counters LUNA family

They have received the First Diamond Seal of Quality by Select Science:

Buy now any LUNA TM automated cell counter and get....

100 slides FOR FREE!  *

(It allows 200 counts).

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HANDY and SEXY Mini-Centrifuge

NEW!! Our handy mini centrifuge could be the perfect bench partner for your research.

  • Easy-to-use: load your samples, close the lid and centrifuge
  • Smooth and quiet in operation
  • Adaptable to your assay tubes: two rotors to adapt the spinning to your protocols.


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