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Buy One get One Free - Extraction, Collection and Stabilisation

Valid until 31-12-2021

This offer accounts for several extraction kits. Check it ut below:

  • Invisorb Fragment CleanUp (250) - 1020300300
  • Invisorb Spin Blood Mini Kit (250) - 1031100300
  • PSP Spin Stool DNA Basic Kit (250) - 1038120300 
  • PSP SalivaGene DNA Kit (50) - 1035200200
  • PSP SalivaGene DNA Kit (250) - 1035200300
  • Invisorb Spin Virus RNA Mini Kit (250) - 1040300300 (discontinued from Jan 2022)
  • Invisorb Spin Universal Kit (50) -1050100200
  • InviTrap Spin Tissue RNA Mini Kit (250) - 1062100300 (discontinued from Jan 2022)
  • InviMag Blood DNA Mini Kit/ IG (8x12) - 2431120100
  • InviMag Universal Kit/ KF96 w/o plastic (5) - 7450300250

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PSP® - Technology

A unique sample stabilisation for molecular diagnostics

The PSP® (Pre-analytical Sample Processing) products of Invitek is based on a unique non-chaotropic chemistry. It includes an integrated sample management system from sample collection to DNA stabilisation.  

Reliable extraction, stabilisation and storage of host and pathogen DNA in stool, swab or saliva samples at room temperature without DNA degradation. 

  • Transportation, storage, isolation and purification 
  • Reliable sample collection in easy-to-handle collection
  • Preservation of bacterial titer at the time of sampling 
  • Inactivation of DNases and RNases
  • Non-invasive sample collection eliminates the risk of pathogen infections
  • No cooled transportation is needed
  • Collected samples are liquid and can easily be integrated in existing lab workflows 
  • Easy processing

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InviMag technology

Magnetic beads for DNA/RNA sample preparation 

The InviMag magnetic beads are developed and selected for optimal performance in a variety of applications. Based on the application, sample characteristics and instrument platform used, Invitek Molecular selects the InviMag beads best suited for each particular purpose. 

  • Fast magnetic velocity via high magnetic content (70–90 % of iron oxides)
  • A variety of binding capacities through different-sized beads (200 nm–1 µm)
  • Excellent reproducibility and stability through uniform size distribution
  • Superior suspension stability
  • Fully automated processing on InviGenius PLUS starting from DNA
  • Standardised walk-away workflow starting from blood, FFPE or plasma sample to bisulfite conversion of the isolated DNA on the instrument possible
  • Only 10 min hands-on time

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