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Are you looking for an alternate WCID-iCIEF? Without method changes and comparable results

No need to look further. CEInfinite WCID-iCIEF will be your Solution.

Isogen Life Science is also a supplier that provides you guaranteed critical iCIEF product supplies for your product lifecycle.

  • Same WCID-iCIEF principle, same operation and one autosampler
  • High sensitivity, high resolution, high reproducibility
  • Longer UV source lifetime and extremely low energy consumption
  • Direct method transfer from iCE280 and iCE3
  • High performance robustness

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Comparison WCID-iCIEF System Specifications


Comparison iCIEF results

  • mAb1-A
  • mAb2 standard method
  • Reduced fused protein standard method
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