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Visible Spectrophotometry optimised for the teaching laboratory

The S800 visible spectrophotometer has been designed to meet the needs of both students and technical staff in education. The instrument is small and light in weight with a large display for ease of reading. The S800 measures Absorbance, % Transmission and concentration as well as being able to output absorbance–time plots directly to chart recorder. In addition, the user manual includes simple experiments for the determination of ε; max, extinction coefficient and natural bandwidth as well as the construction of a standard curve and the measurement of stray light. Furthermore, the instrument is delivered with Grafico, a PC utility software package, and the requisite serial lead, providing the student with the means to capture, print and interpret a wavelength scan from the instrument on a PC; the data for the scan or other results can be easily exported from Grafico to Excel. Note that Grafico also includes an educational tutorial on UV/Visible spectrophotometry. The S800 accepts standard 10mm pathlength glass or plastic cuvettes; alternatively; a test tube adapter set is available. The cell holder can be removed for cleaning. The instrument is delivered with a starter pack of disposable plastic cuvettes.


  • 7nm Single beam diode array visible spectrophotometer covering 330-800nm
  • Compact, easy to use, service, clean and store
  • Absorbance, % Transmission, Concentration and kinetics
  • Educational experiments and tutorial included
  • Grafico PC utility software and cable included


  • Designed for science education
  • Versatile
  • Low maintenance
  • A complete spectrophotometry education package


Type: Visible
Wavelength Range: 330 - 800nm 
Wavelength Accuracy (+/-): 2nm
Wavelength Reproducibility (+/-): 1nm
Light source: Tungsten Halogen
Wavelength selection: Monochromator 
Bandwidth: 7nm
Detector: Diode array
Photometric Range: -0.300 to 2.500A, 0 to 200%T
Photometric Accuracy: +/- 0.003A at 0-0.5A at 546nm 
Stray Light: <1%T at 340nm 
Stability: 0.005A/h at 0A at 546nm 
Spectral Scanning: Yes via Graphico Software
Measurement Type: Fixed Wavelength (Abs/%T), Concentration (factor), simple kinetics 
Cell Compatibility: Cuvette 10mm
Other Sample Containers: Test tube (10,12,16mm)
Cell Holder: Single Cell
Accessory Options: none
Temperature Control: None
Method Storage: n/a
Regulatory Compliance: CE
Printer: External via Export*, Chart Recorder* 
Data Output: Print*, Export to PC 
Display: Large LCD 
Export/ Data Storage: Serial Cable
Data Interface: Serial
Languages: English, Manuals in French, German, Italian and Spanish
Power Requirements: 90-265, 50/60 Hz, 15VA
Weight: 1.75Kg (3.85lb)
Dimensions: 22 x 27 x 12cm (8.7 x 4.7 x 10.6 inches) 
Certification: CE
Beam: Single Beam