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IMAPlate™ 5RC96 Start Kit provides professionals with the world's first miniaturized, high throughput analytical platform that allows you to manually perform parallel and simultaneous liquid transfer, analysis, reaction and assay in every ordinary laboratory. It is an easy-to-use, multi-function integrated lab tool that can not only boost productivity but also improve overall cost-effectiveness. The Start Kit contains one adjustable aluminum reader adaptor, one adjustment tool and 5 pieces of IMAPlate™ 5RC96.

The IMAPlate™ 5RC96 is a disposable plastic lab device and can be used as a 96-channel manual pipette for liquid handling, a 96-microcuvette array for UV-VIS-IR spectral analysis and a 96-microwell plate for parallel reactions and assays in labs of pharmaceutical and biotech industries, healthcare facilities, universities and academic institutes.

The IMAPlate™ 5RC96 comprises 96 identical, funnel-like reaction units positioned according to the standard of 96-well plate format from National Institute for Standards and Technology (NIST). Each reaction unit contains a 5 mm long, round reaction chamber, which is able to self-take up and to hold 5µl of sample solution for reaction or analysis. The device can be used in conjunction with 96-well plates for handling up to 96 individual samples and is compatible with commercial available 96-well plate readers for the measurement.

The IMAPlate™ 5RC96 represents the next generation lab devices and can be used for parallel liquid transfer of 5 µl sample solution, for DNA/RNA, protein measurement at UV, or compound analysis at IR with a 5 mm light path as well as for miniaturized reactions or assays, such as ELISA, with only 5 µl reaction volume. Now, manual high throughput liquid transfer, spectroscopy and assay can eventually be carried out in every lab due to the unique liquid handling concept, high surface to volume ratio design and distinctive features of the IMAPlate™ 5RC96.


Spectroscopic quantification of sample:

5 mm light path requiring only 5 µl of sample; full spectrum analysis; up to 96 samples in parallel; automatic sample loading through capillary action (or by pipette with a flexible sample volume from 1 µl to 5 µl); complete sample recovery option; no cross-contamination risk; manual high-throughput performance

Miniaturized ELISA:

5 µl reaction volume: saving 95% of sample/regents
High surface to volume ratio: high sensitivity; rapid adsorption process; fast reaching reaction equilibrium; preserving antibody activity; short time to result
Full spectrum analysis: extend detection range
Touch-loading and unloading: up to 96 individual tests in parallel; manual high throughput; accurate, precise and robust
Reduced volume of ELISA protocol: data compatible with 96-well ELISA


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