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Custom Synthesis Of Peptide Libraries

Isogen Life Science offers a Peptide Custom Libraries service as alternative to the Peptide Arrays option to customers interested in Libraries of many peptides in the form of HPLC purified products and in quantities higher than that offered by the Peptide Arrays service.

Options and specifications
FORMAT 24, 48, 96 individual peptides according to sequences provided by you
PEPTIDE LENGTH 6-10 / 11-15 / 16-20 / 21-25 residues
N-terminus free or acetylated
C-terminus amidated
ANALYTICAL DATA Mass spectrum (MALDI-ToF) and HPLC chromatogram of each peptide
DELIVERED PRODUCTS either 15 mg of 70% pure or 10 mg of 95% pure
PACKAGING Vials containing the lyophilized products

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