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Nucleic Acid

Isogen Life Science offers many options for the purification of nucleic acids,

  • Magnetic bead extraction,
  • Absorption based extraction via carrier
  • Absorption based extraction via (silica) membrane
  • Solution based extractions

Currently Isogen has 5 suppliers who can provide kits for these application.


Isolation based on magnetic beads for DNA and RNA in manual and automated format.

Unique is the patented Pick pen technology in which beads are moved and not liquid, this saves time, results in pure NA with high yield.

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Stratec Molecular

Provides magnetic bead extraction and absorption based extraction for nucleic acids isolations.

In the adsorption based extraction a patented technology is used based on non-chaotropic chemistry. This has the key advantages that:

  • Number of wash steps is reduced, resulting in faster protocols and cleaner DNA
  • Improved reaction conditions for enzymes during sample lysis, resulting in higher yields and maximum yield for complex and difficult samples
  • More intact DNA, as there is less chemical degradation

For the diagnostic market an automated system is available named InviGenius which is CE-IVD approved with LIMS connection and barcode reading. This system is based on magnetic bead purification.

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NorDiag ASA is a biotechnology company developing, manufacturing and marketing automated solutions (instruments and tests), for sample preparation of bacterial and human DNA from difficult biological samples. The technology is based on magnetic bead separations.

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Range of Nucleic acid isolation kits based on spin columns.

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USB is part of affymetix and has a huge portfolio in molecular biology products part of this product range is for nucleic acid purification.

All products are based in absorption to a membrane. There is a huge choice in sample start amount and throughput in the whole range of products. For Plasmid purification there is a huge choice.

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