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SENSE Total RNA-Seq Library Prep Kit

SENSE Total RNA-Seq is a strand-specific library prep kit for accurate gene expression profiling, whole transcriptome sequencing, discovery, and quantification of antisense transcripts and overlapping genes.

Superior Strand-Specificity

The strand-displacement stop/ligation technology used in SENSE generates fewer antisense artifacts by omitting RNA or cDNA fragmentation, and therefore avoids spurious second strand cDNA synthesis, which may result in the detection of false antisense transcription. Thereby an exceptional (99.9%) strand-specificity and reduced experimental noise is reached, enabling the detection and quantification of antisense transcripts with high confidence.

Simple Multiplexing

With the 96 external barcodes included in the kit libraries can be easily multiplexed.

Rapid Turnaround

NGS-ready libraries can be produced from poly(A) selected or rRNA-depleted RNA samples in under 3.5 hours with less than 50% hands-on time, allowing RNA extraction, library preparation and quality control to be performed in one day.

Low Amount of Input Total RNA

The typical input amount of poly(A) or rRNA-depleted RNA is 1 ng – 500 ng.

Libraries for Different Sequencing Read Length

For good representation and even coverage of all transcripts in your experiment the library should have a size suitable for the chosen sequencing read length. The size of SENSE libraries can be adjusted by simply modulating the buffers during RT/ligation and purification steps.


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