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Affordable cell counting / Digital imaging for a nice price / Clear tissues in record time

LUNA-II Automated Cell Counter

Are you bored with counting cells? Get rid of variability and subjectivity.

Fully automated cell counting and cell viability analysis with autofocus technology to get fast and reliable cell counting. You will need no expensive counting slides and will get your accurate counts in just 20 seconds.

The most affordable running cost cell counter currently on the market: guess the price and let us know.

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CELENA® S Digital Imaging System

The CELENA S is a multipurpose digital imaging system that makes capturing publication-quality images simple for everyone.
With powerful and easy-to-use software, the CELENA S lets you image high resolution fluorescence, brightfield, phase contrast images and has features for automated cell counting, time lapse imaging, and z-stack imaging ... all from your benchtop!
Now you can get one for your lab at a stunning price.

Until 31 August 2017, get the CELENA S Digital Imaging System for just €18,000
and as a bonus, receive two additional objective lenses.

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Download the brochure

Clarify your tissues in hours not days!

Taking microscopy to a completely new level with the Logos Biosystems X-Clarity

Do you enjoy spending days or even weeks clearing tissues for imaging? Then please disregard this message.

For everyone else, do take a look at the X-Clarity, the world's first commercial electrophoretic tissue clearing system, polymerization system and ready-to-use reagents.

Clarify your tissues BEFORE lunch!

Read more about the Logos X-Clarity (only available in Spain and Portugal)