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CE-IVD. For in vitro diagnostic use.

Amplidiag┬« C. difficile+027 identifies toxin B gene in C. difficile and differentiates between the hypervirulent 027 ribotype and non-027 ribotypes, from a single stool sample in a single qualitative multiplex real-time PCR assay.


  • Identification of toxin B gene in C. difficile: Sensitivity 97.8%, Specificity 100.0%
  • Identification of  027 ribotype: Sensitivity 94.1%, Specificity 100.0%
  • Sample material: DNA extracted from stool
  • Product format: Multiplex real-time PCR kit

Target Panel

  • C. difficile tcdB gene (toxin B gene)
  • Novel 027 positive marker
  • Novel 027 negative marker

Catch pathogenic C. difficile and its 027 ribotype at the screening phase

  • Detect pathogenic C. difficile strains directly from stool sample
  • Discriminate reliably between hypervirulent 027 ribotype and non-027 ribotypes
  • Directly from DNA extract from a stool sample
  • Rapid and easy-to-use single-reaction qualitative multiplex real-time PCR test
  • Cost-effective solution for mid-to-high throughput laboratories
  • Report same-day results
  • Runs on multiplex real-time PCR technology for optimal performance
  • Automated and easy result analysis with Amplidiag Analyzer software