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  • Double beam stand-alone scanning UV/Vis spectrophotometer covering 190-1100nm
  • 2 nm bandwidth
  • Long life Xenon lamp technology for low cost of ownership
  • All application software is built in - no extra modules to buy
  • Colour Touch screen display with easy to use software
  • USB ports for method and result storage plus connection to a PC
  • Optional PC control, built in thermal printer, and/or Bluetooth®

Designed for busy multi-user laboratories
The Biochrom Libra S60 model is robustly designed to deliver reliable, low maintenance UV/Visible spectrophotometry in environments with multiple users. Users can quickly and easily walk up to the instrument, set up a sample, select the appropriate measurement protocols and collect the results. The convenient USB port enables individual users to load personal methods and transport data. 21CFR Part 11 compliance via the optional Resolution software.

Easy to use
Colour touch screen user interface with menu driven software and simple intuitive icons is easy to both use and to learn. Results can be easily transported to a remote PC by memory stick for analysis later, or link to a PC directly with PVC software (included). Full PC control with Resolution software.

Built in Software
Full suite of software applications provided as standard with real choice of data export methods. Trace Manager enable s you to manipulate  data stored on the instrument or USB memory stick.Multi level User log on facility allows supervisors to restrict access to software functionality allowing secure methods to be set up.

Software Modules Function
Single Wavelength Measurement Fixed wavelength, Abs/%T, and Concentration (factor)
Sample overlays, automatic feature detection and post run data manipulation
Concentration Standard Curve Quantitation using calibration curves with multiple standards and a choice of curve fits
Kinetics Serial (or parallel measurements with optional cell changer) including sample overlays and post run data manipulation
Life Science
DNA, RNA & Oligo concentration and purity measurement with optional wavelength scanning. CyDyeTM DNA quantitation. Tm calculation. Protein concentration by direct UV measurement or Bradford, Biuret, Lowry or BCA colorimetric methods
Equation Editor Turn your instrument into a "custom application analyzer" by setting up stored methods including calculations based on measured sample data, for example: Absorbance difference and ratios.

Easy to Connect
Two USB ports are provided as standard. One is conveniently located by the user touchscreen to enable USB memory sticks (flashdrives) to be be used to both store data and methods in secure and ASCII formats. Particularly useful for laboratories wishing to clone methods between multiple instruments. The other USB port is on the side of the instrument is used for PC communication, control, software update and print via computer (PVC). All stand-alone Biochrom Libra instruments offer users a choice in export and print functionality with selection parameters stored as part of any method.

  • Export to PC via USB cable (standard)
  • Built in printer (optional)
  • Export to a PC via Bluetooth (optional)
  • Full PC control with Resolution Software (optional)

Resolution PC Software
Optional Resolution PC software offers users extra flexibility on data collection and manipulation. Running under Microsoft Windows XP, Vista and Windows 7 operating environments with an Office 2007 look and feel Resolution has the power to work in the way you want. Resolution is available in the following different modules to meet your application and budgetary requirements
• Resolution Lite for Quick Read and fast scanning only
• Resolution for all routine measurements
• Resolution Life Science for nucleic acids, proteins and cell density measurements
• Resolution CFR if you need full 21 CFR part 11 compliance

Superb Optical Design
High energy Xenon source with split beam optics with reference beam compensation to eliminate energy variability and for long lamp life.  

Cell holders
The Biochrom Libra S60 is supplied with 10mm pathlength cell holders in sample and reference positions.

Easy to Change Accessories
The sample compartment is designed for use with a wide range of accessories.


Wavelength range: 190-1100nm
Beam: double
Wavelength selection: Czerny-Turner Monochromator
Light source: Xenon (PTR)
Bandwidth: 2nm