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Reliable Automation of Protein Digestion for LC and LC-MS

ProPrep LC

Sample prep made easy

When it comes to reliable automation of in-gel and in-solution protein digestion followed by sample preparation for mass spectrometric analysis, the choice is simple. Digilab designed the ProPrep LC specifically for this purpose, offering you peace of mind and giving your samples the best treatment.

The ProPrep LC comes standard with one reaction block, but this can be modified to include up to four independently controlled reaction blocks. You can also upgrade the ProPrep LC to a ProPrep II, which allows samples to be spotted to commercially available MALDI plates and LC vials.

ProPrep II Features:

  • Flow-through reaction blocks, 96 well format, temperature controlled
  • Reagent, chilling
  • Multi-enzyme use
  • Accurate liquid handling
  • In-gel or in-solution
  • Transfer to LC vials
  • Sample spitting
  • Customizable protocols
  • Ability to run multiple protocols
  • Fully enclosed & HEPA filtered

- Protein Digestion
- Sample Desalting


Use: Protein digestion
Use: High-Throughput
Use: LC/MS sample preparation