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IEF100 First-dimension Isoelectric Focusing Unit

Monitor current flow for each individual IPG strip in real time

  • Flexible first-dimension IEF can be run with up to six 7 - 24 cm IPG strips simultaneously
  • Turn and click intuitive user interface with graphical display
  • Capable of faster run times with an integrated 12,000 V power supply that has the highest voltage and current commercially available
  • Easily accessible Ethernet and RS232 ports

The IEF100 is the only first dimension instrument that controls the current and voltage applied to the IPG strips to prevent overheating.


Voltage: 12000V
Resolution: 1µA
Capacity: 240µl
Unit dimensions: 38 x 19 x 27cm
Current: 10mA
Current: 1 mA per strip
Temperature range: 15 - 25° C
Temperature Control: Peltier controlled