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The Bullet Pro is a state of the art, high trough put DNA/RNA extraction robot. Besides extracting DNA or RNA from your precious samples, the Bullet Pro also prepares your PCR mixes.

With the 8 channel, liquid level sensing, pipettor head it is possible to extract DNA or RNA from 96 samples and setup your PCR in less then 2 hours.

If extracting DNA or RNA from easy and difficult samples is important, the Bullet Pro achieves this in a time saving way and gives reproducible results.

Features as bar-code reading, UV decontamination, HEPA filter and connectivity with LIMS, make the Bullet Pro ideal for placement in every diagnostic surrounding.

It’s a fast and fully automated, true walk away system.

  • Automated bar-code reading from primary sample tube
  • Minimal instrument set-up time
  • Automates all pipetting from primary sample tube to downstream setup
  • Pipettors work independently, allowing for increased throughput and batch sizes to be tailored to your exact number of samples
  • Liquid level detection
  • Heating/cooling blocks for multiple temperature settings within a single application
  • Plate gripper quickly moves the sample plate across the platform
  • Built in PC
  • Can be connected to LIMS to capture log files and sample information
  • Potential for customized applications
  • Produces log file with details of each run

The Bullet is customizable and can be adapted for a variety of applications, making it a versatile and cost effective solution for your laboratory.

The Bullet Pro is capable of extracting DNA or RNA from:

  • blood,
  • serum,
  • plasma,
  • urine,
  • feaces,
  • sputum,
  • swabs,
  • tissues.
  • Culture.

All kits running on the Bullet Pro are based on the extraction principle using magnetic beads.

The DNA or RNA is bound to the magnetic beads and not pushed through, for example a filter, this guarantees high quality of the isolated DNA/RNA compared to other methods.

Kits available for the Bullet Pro:

Bullet Viral NA Kit

The Bullet Viral NA kit gives the best results for the PCR product with a high sensitivity, and it has a clear melting curve profile. Testing had shown that with extensive diluting of the sample, the Bullet Pro in combination with the Bullet Viral NA kit, still extract enough NA to perform a PCR experiment. For more information, please take a look at the application notes.


Bullet Blood DNA 50 kit

The Bullet Blood DNA 50 kit and the Bullet Pro instrument automate the procedure of extracting genomic DNA from whole blood samples. The kit and instrument use magnetic bead technology for purification of genomic DNA from blood intended for use in diagnostic applications. Performance data for the Bullet Blood DNA 50 kit have been established for EDTA whole blood samples.


Bullet BUGS’n BEADS kit

Effective and sensitive DNA isolation is a key step in isolating DNA from bacteria, and one potential problem is that DNA extraction and processing can be a limiting factor if there is a high throughput of samples. Additionally, cross-contamination between samples is more likely to occur when isolation procedures requiring extensive sample manipulation are used. Isolating bacterial DNA using the Bullet BUGS’n BEADS™ kit on the Bullet Pro, a fully automated instrument compatible with this technique, is a sensitive and convenient approach to avoiding this bottleneck and for minimizing the possibility of cross-sample contamination.

Bullet Stool Kit

The Bullet Stool kit and Bullet Pro instrument is designed for automated isolation of PCR-quality DNA from a variety of stool sample sources. The Bullet Stool DNA kit extracts genomic, bacterial and viral DNA from stool, ready to use in PCR and other downstream enzymatic reactions.


Plate handler “Plate-GripX” lifts objects up to 400 g
Supports all liquid container formats up to 384-well plates
Single pipetting, multi pipetting, parallel pipetting, aliquoting, archiving
Serial dilutions, pre-dilutions, multiple common pre-dilutions
Liquid mixing in source and destination container


Capacity: 20 microplate positions
Arms: 1
Channels per arm: 8
Unit dimensions: 106 x 70 x 70 (L x W x H)cm
Accuracy: 0.2 (XYZ)mm
Sample amount: 8 - 96
Pipet channel: 8 channel
Flexibility: Isolation and PCR set up < 2 hours