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Automatic Blotter - Blotcycler (CL, FL or IR labelling)


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BlotCycler™ automates western blot development and processing.

BlotCycler, automated western processor, will process the blot through all washing, blocking, and incubation steps. Once the system is set-up with the required reagents and the appropriate assay is programmed, BlotCycler will proceed with the assay and alert you at certain critical steps and when the assay is completed. No special reagents are required: use the same reagents you currently use and automatically saves your primary antibodies. Automation increases productivity and generates blots with higher signal and lower background. BlotCycler makes western blot processing easier and more reliable.

The benefits of BlotCycler include:

  • Complete automation of all steps of membrane processing.
  • Use of your own protocol and reagents.
  • Simultaneous processing of maximum six membranes.
  • Each membrane can be treated with its own specific primary and secondary antibodies, i.e. six different primary and six different secondary antibodies can be used for simultaneous processing of membranes.
  • Automated collection of primary antibodies, the unique and most expensive reagents, for repeated use.
  • System can be used in cold room.
  • Reproducibility data very high, user independent.
  • Complete removal of the traces of reagents by special shower system that automatically washes the device after each test.


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Blot amount: 6x mini/ 3x mini + 2 midi/ 4 midi
Compatible : special lid for fluorescence