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2D gel electrophoresis

Hoefer E2D Elite



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Hoefer Complete 2-Dimensional Electrophoresis System offers the highest focusing voltage available for the first dimension and has an easy-to-use, highly reproducible, second-dimension separation tank.

The complete 2D System includes the IEF100 First-dimension Isoelectric Focusing Unit and the SE900 Second-dimension Gel Electrophoresis Unit. The IEF100 will help researchers increase the quality and speed of their IEF separations, and the SE900’s single tank design ensures leak free runs and the ability to reuse buffer. The SE900 is also simple to use, utilizes minimal parts, and provides efficient cooling.

Hoefer offers two complete 2-Dimensional Electrophoresis Systems, the E2D ELITE that includes the multi-caster, and the E2D CLASSIC that does not:

E2D ELITE includes:

  • 1- IEF-100 unit
  • 1- Large Format Page System separation tank, includes tank, lid, & gel rack
  • 1-Large Gel caster with accessories
  • 6- 28 cm X 21 cm hinged glass cassettes
  • 252 wicks
  • 1- running tray
  • 1- rehydration tray
  • 1- cleaning brush
  • 1- set of forceps
  • 10- sets of running cups (each set contains 6 sample cups)
  • Instruction manual


Use: 2D electrophoresis